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#1 option to control userfile changes with sharing flags (Bug #59) new enhancement minor 1.8.1
#3 Add support for network-autoconfigure using RAW 005 assigned thommey enhancement blocker 1.8.0
#4 unicode (utf8 actually) characters not handled correctly assigned thommey defect blocker 1.8.0
#7 Security flaws when more bots share ... new enhancement minor 1.8.1
#8 No console mode to disable seeing links/unlinks. new enhancement minor 1.8.0
#10 Shared global bans do not trigger check_this_ban if bots aren't on same channel accepted pseudo defect major 1.8.0
#11 +chan on leaf desyncs the shared userfiles new defect major 1.8.1
#13 Reverse DNS Lookup Spoofing assigned pseudo defect major 1.8.0
#14 chon binds triggered when a control proc releases an idx new defect blocker 1.8.0
#16 internal bans override channel exempts new defect minor 1.8.0
#18 Add support for ~[!]<type>:<stuff> ban-/exempt-types assigned thommey enhancement minor 1.8.2
#21 userfile sharing fails during certain NAT situations accepted pseudo defect minor 1.8.0
#22 Console mode +t does not show outbound botnet traffic. new defect minor 1.8.0
#24 namespaces support for binds/(u)timers assigned thommey enhancement minor 1.8.0
#25 translate the example config new enhancement minor 1.8.2
#38 Support for channels with arbitrary length (and get rid of dname/name duplicate) assigned enhancement minor 1.8.1
#41 Replace the custom langfile system with gettext and convert hardcoded messages new task blocker 1.8.0
#45 Add complete proxy support accepted pseudo enhancement major 1.8.2
#51 get rid of AppendResult (or at least clear the tcl error before doing it) assigned thommey enhancement minor 1.8.1
#53 use CPRIVMSG/CNOTICE when available new thommey enhancement minor 1.8.1
#55 Build autogenerator for the doc/html files new simple task major 1.8.0
#56 split loglevel +o to two levels: +e and +i assigned pseudo enhancement minor 1.8.0
#62 evaluate if the userfile could be converted to be a tcl script new enhancement minor 1.8.0
#65 validation method for udefs new enhancement minor 1.8.0
#66 throw an error when readonly variables are written to new thommey defect blocker 1.8.0
#69 Static code analysis report by cppcheck new defect minor 1.8.0
#72 Create a new build system new pseudo enhancement blocker 1.8.0
#73 Eggdrop stacks '+beI' modes but UnrealIRCd doesn't support new defect major 1.8.0
#75 Allow masters/owners to ban friends(or even operators?) via userbans new enhancement minor 1.8.0
#78 chanlist minus flag, only one flag can be specified assigned pseudo defect minor 1.8.0
#80 Alternate hub linking not working assigned Freeder defect major 1.8.0
#81 Fix vwait/update indirect recursion new thommey defect major 1.8.0
#86 Find a way to report SSL connection failures (more) accurately new enhancement minor 1.8.0
#89 closest match seems broken new defect major 1.8.0
#90 ctcp chat to an ipv6 bot causes it to give the default outgoing ipv6 address to connect to new defect major 1.8.0
#91 use to find tcl assigned Freeder enhancement major 1.8.0
#92 autoconf TCLLIB detection might fail new somebody defect major 1.8.0
#93 Disabled IPv6 support breaks the DNS module new defect critical 1.8.0
#94 nickchanges require mode-tracking new defect minor 1.8.0
#96 longer info lines assigned thommey enhancement critical 1.8.0
#98 SSL: Certificate DNS name matching doesn't work in telnet sessions accepted pseudo defect minor 1.8.0
#99 OpenSSL is being deprecated on Mac OS X new somebody defect major 1.8.0
#100 SSL: verify flags don't work at all new defect major 1.8.0
#101 ident-timeout of 0 should disable ident lookups assigned Freeder enhancement minor 1.8.0
#102 go over dcc-sanitycheck logic new defect minor 1.8.0
#103 prevent setting ignores on higher-levelled users new enhancement minor 1.8.0
#105 assoc is broken with local partyline channels assigned Freeder defect trivial 1.8.0
#107 stripcodes should copy the string new thommey defect major 1.8.0
#108 IRCnet allows 64 bans since 2.11.2/2008 assigned Freeder enhancement major 1.8.0
#109 bind for telnet connections (not the same as CHON) new enhancement minor 1.8.0
#110 $botname not updated consistently accepted Pixelz defect minor 1.8.0
#111 .BOTATTR behavior when channel names are specified with global flags (other than +s/+p) reopened somebody defect minor 1.8.0
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