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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#25 translate the example config new enhancement blocker 1.8.1
#93 Disabled IPv6 support breaks the DNS module new defect critical 1.8.0
#51 get rid of AppendResult (or at least clear the tcl error before doing it) assigned thommey enhancement major 1.8.0
#55 Build autogenerator for the doc/html files new simple task major
#89 closest match seems broken new defect major 1.8.0
#91 use to find tcl new somebody enhancement major 1.8.0
#92 autoconf TCLLIB detection might fail new somebody defect major 1.8.0
#107 stripcodes should copy the string new thommey defect major 1.8.0
#53 use CPRIVMSG/CNOTICE when available new thommey enhancement minor 1.8.2
#62 evaluate if the userfile could be converted to be a tcl script new enhancement minor 1.8.0
#65 validation method for udefs new enhancement minor 1.8.0
#66 throw an error when readonly variables are written to new thommey defect minor 1.8.0
#94 nickchanges require mode-tracking new defect minor 1.8.0
#96 longer info lines new enhancement minor 1.8.0
#24 namespaces support for binds/(u)timers assigned thommey enhancement trivial 1.8.0
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